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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has been developed to make certain that any and all information that you leave during your visit to BlackRock Tools is kept confidential. Here's what we will and won't do with your information:


Information Collection and Use:

BlackRock Tools is the sole owner of the information collected on this site.  We will not sell, share or rent this information to any other person, business or entity.



In order to make a purchase from our web site, you will be asked to complete the purchase registration form.  Registration requires that you give your billing, shipping and payment information.  This information is used only to process your order and to contact you about the products or services on our site; this information will never be sold, shared or rented.



BlackRock Tools takes every precaution to protect your information.  When you submit information to our website, your information is protected both online and offline.  Your information is encrypted and protected with the best encryption software commercially available - SSL.  For more information please review our Secure Shopping Policy located here .


Notice of Collected Data: 

The goal of this website is to provide useful information which can be read by anyone capable of browsing the internet. We must balance that goal against the use of formatting which will enhance the presentation and utility of the data provided. Not all browsers and operating systems display and print web pages in the same manner.

We review the data we collect to ensure our website provides the greatest utility to the greatest number of visitors while still allowing everyone access to all public information.


BlackRock Tools (BRT) collects data to determine the number of "hits" our pages receive, browser, operating system, and session origin data, this data is not personally identifiable in any manner. BRT collects this information to ensure we present the data of most value to our visitors. BRT collects the data you provide when you submit one of our forms, we use this data in order to service your request. BRT may also use this information to make postal mailings of information we feel may be on interest to you.


If you have requested a billing to a credit card we will share only the information necessary to effect the billing. No personally identifiable data is shared with any party external to BlackRock Tools.


BRT uses third-party e-mail services to send our newsletter broadcasts and these services use tracking tags to provide metrics such as percent opened, percent blocked or bounced, and click-through rates. The results of this tracking allow us to better judge our focus on your needs. Information on opened e-mail is supplied only in aggregate and is not personally identifiable. E-mail addresses which are bounced or blocked are provided individually so we may remove them from our mailing list. Your e-mail address and the results of our mailings are neither sold nor shared with any external party.


We do not use "tracking tags" in our personal e-mail correspondence.


Opt-In Communication: 

By submitting the registration form you agree to opt-in to receive email or other communications from BlackRock Tools.  You may subsequently opt-out of the receipt of such email or communications by following the directions in the email or contacting that site.

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